SEO for dummies

Google, one little but powerful word. Everyone has used, will use, and are using it to search for anything such as products, entertainment, business, marketing, etc. The list is nearly infinite. So how do people search? What words/phrases do they use? And finally how does google display results for a search?

First of all, how people search plays a major role in the results they will get. People with a small amount of experience with searching Google (or Yahoo, Bing, and a few other major players in the search engine field), well they use a string of related keywords to the subject matter they are interested in. For example, someone looking for things to do on a friday night in an unfamiliar town (let’s say Portland) may use a search such as “nightlife entertainment clubs portland.” Then the search engine with instantly search billions of pages for related content. If you run a club in that city and want the most possoble traffic to your website then you want to be search engine optimized by using the most commonly used keywords relating to your business. This is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it is a very powerful tool.

Google picks and chooses which results to display based on how relatable a websites content is to the keywords being searched. But it also displays paid for content- pages that pay Google either directly or indirectly through a marketing firm. So in order for your business to get the most traffic on its website you would need to research the most used keywords relating to what you do. This process is SEO.

There are many different sources for finding this information, and if you are interested then just Google the keywords “Google SEO tools” and see what results you are given.